Helpful Tips for Fall Lawn Care

Helpful Tips for Fall Lawn Care

When fall brings cooler weather to the region, homeowners often shift their attention away from their lawns. But just because fall has arrived doesn't mean it's time to ignore your grass. By continuing to care for your lawn through the fall, it'll be healthier when spring arrives. Here's a look at six helpful fall lawn care tips.

Keep Mowing

To keep your lawn nice and tidy, you can continue mowing until the first frost hits, at which point your grass will finally stop growing for the season.

Rake Often

To properly photosynthesize, your grass needs to receive adequate sunlight. As fallen leaves pile up on your lawn, the grass won't receive the light it needs to remain healthy. And as leaves accumulate on your lawn, it becomes more likely that moisture will trigger fungi growth.

Continue to Water

Just because temperatures have fallen doesn't mean that the lawn is staying sufficiently hydrated. Throughout stretches of dry, cool autumnal weather, you'll want to keep your grass watered as it continues to grow until the frost hits.


If scorching summer weather killed off a patch of your lawn, you can then reseed it as you see necessary.


By the end of summer, there's a good possibility that your lawn has suffered from heat stress and soil compaction. When you have your lawn aerated, soil plugs are removed, allowing nutrients to more easily pass through the root system.


To ensure that your lawn looks beautiful next spring, you'll want to apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer in the fall. The fertilizer's nutrients will help the grass endure stretches of severe winter weather. By fertilizing after aerating, you can make it easier for the grassroots to receive the nutrients.

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Posted: October 24, 2020

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